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Private Classes

2nd Time Birth Classes:

* 1 – 3 hour session

*  $120

This private class is designed for couples who have already given birth, and would like to refresh themselves before giving birth again.  This class is intended for couples who have previously attended a natural childbirth class.  2nd time parents who are unfamiliar with natural childbirth methods should attend an entire Bradley class series, if possible.  Classes are schedule on weekdays, weeknights or weekends in the couples home.  Topics include:

– Discussion of previous preparation and birth experience.

– 1st and 2nd stage labor review.

– Comfort measures for labor and birth.

– Birth options and birth plans.

Private Birth Class:

Are you unable to fit the full 10 week class series into your schedule into your schedule?  This is actually quite common as we have moved away from the regular weekday 9-5 jobs and into more flexible, creative work schedules.  This shouldn’t keep you from learning about birth!  I offer private classes for your special situations.

Contact Denyse for planning, scheduling and pricing.

denyse.ffrench@gmail.com /  773-318-2096

4 week Labor and Comfort Measures Birth Class:

This class is great for couples who don’t have time to take the full 10 week class series but still want in depth knowledge of the core of the class, Labor and Comfort measures.  This class series is listed on the schedule page.

Support and Social:

After your class series ends you are welcome to come to a free monthly get together.  Students can come visit each other, show off babies (if they have arrived), or continue to come while you wait for your baby to arrive.  The goal is to get and give support for each stage of pregnancy and postpartum.

2017 dates: October 14, November 18, and December 16 at 2:00pm-3:30pm at Sweet pea’s Studio, 3717 N. Ravenswood.  Please RSVP at denyse.ffrench@gmail.com.

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  • About Denyse

    My name is Denyse Ffrench and I have been an AAHCC afiliated Bradley Method instructor since 2000. I have 4 children and have had very different birth experiences with all of them. My son Sebastian was born in 2000, and was a natural water birth. My daughter Violet(2002)was a natural vaginal birth, and her twin sister, Fiona, was an emergency c-section. My last daughter, Gemma(2006) was a beautiful, natural VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section). I feel like my collective birth experience has enhanced my teaching greatly. I have had personal experience with a pitocin induced labor, labor that begins naturally, water birth, normal vaginal birth, episiotomy, birth without an episiotomy, singleton pregnancy and birth, twin pregnancy and birth, c-section, VBAC, etc. The common factor is the use of the Bradley Method in all my labors.

    In addition to teaching The Bradley Method, I work as a birth doula and lead a support group for women who are nursing twins. It is very important for me to stay tuned in to the birth community in the Chicago area so that I can better serve my students and provide resources for them. My goal is to provide continuity in care, from birth education, to labor support and postpartum support. This is one reason why my work as a birth doula with my Bradley students is so rewarding.

  • My Philosophy

    My goal as a Bradley teacher is to educate couples about childbirth and let them know that they have choice and options. I would like my students to plan for the birth they want. What many people want for their labor often falls outside of what is typical protocol in many hospitals, so it is important to know about what happens at births, and what options you have.

    Many people who attend my class would like to labor without medications, but are not exactly sure they want, or can have an unmedicated birth. You are about to have an experience that will be completely new to you and it is normal to feel unsure of how you will handle it. My goal is to give you tools and information that can help you to labor without interventions, to know the reasons why interventions are sometimes necessary, to prepare not only physically, but mentally and emotionally, and to honor the experience as a family event.